Business Name: Jerseyland Organics
Member Name: deVries, Jeremy
Status: Certified ISO Industry: Farm / Dairy / Livestock / FPP
Email: Phone: (250) 442 -8112
Website: Fax: (250) 442 -8737
Site Address: Multiple Sites Grand Forks, BC
  Certified Organic (Section 12/13)
Fluid Milk
Dairy herd
Hay/ haylage and pasture forage (for dairy herd)

Producing, packaging and distributing Jerseyland Organics brand milk products including:
Asiago Cheeses
Including: Mild, Medium & Aged) - blocks and grated
Butter (salted &unsalted)
Cheddar Cheeses
Including: Plain (Mild, Medium & Aged), Onion & Garlic (Mild & Medium), Jalape┼ło, Leicester (Mild, Medium & Aged), Fresh Cheddar curds, Fresh Cheddar & Jalape┼ło curds
Cottage Cheese
Feta Cheeses
Including: Plain, Mixed herb
Gouda Cheeses
Including: Plain (Mild, Medium and Aged), Garlic & Dill, Cumin, Caraway, Mixed Herb, Peppercorn, Hemp Seed
Parmesan Cheese (blocks & grated)
Sour Cream
Including: Plain, Fat Free Plain, Blueberry, Strawberry, French Vanilla, Fat Free French Vanilla