Business Name: Hope Farm
Member Name: Adams, Andrew
Status: Certified ISO / Transitional Industry: Farm / FPP
Email: Phone: (250) 568 -2507
Website: Fax:
Site Address: 31855 Upper Fraser road Newlands, BC
  Certified Organic (Section 12/13)
Hay / pasture forage;
Mixed vegetables (Beans, Beets, Broccoli, Cabbage. Carrots, Corn, Cucumbers, Green Onions, Kale, Kohlrabi, Lettuce, Melons, Onions, Peas, Potatoes (Blue Russian, Cascade, Kennebec, Warba), Pumpkin, Radishes, Rutabagas, Swiss Chard, Spinach, Spring Mix Lettuce, Squash, Tomatoes, Zucchini);
Herbs (Basil, Cilantro, Dill, Mint); and

Handling and re-packaging of:
Mixed vegetables, Herbs, Garlic and Fruit (Apples, Cherries, Peaches, Pears, Plums).
Transitional Y3
Haskaps, Raspberries, Rhubarb and Strawberries (With continued adherence to organic management practices, these crops become eligible for organic status effective May 21, 2017.)