Business Name: Denman Island Chocolate Ltd.
Member Name: Terry, Daniel
Status: Certified ISO Industry: FPP
Email: Phone: (250) 335 -2418
Website: Fax: (866) 232 -5282
Site Address: 4321 Denman Road Denman Island, BC V0R 1T0
  Certified Organic (Section 12/13)
Denman Island Chocolate brand bulk chocolate and chocolate bars including: Cocoa Loco, Cool Mint, Espresso Chunk, Gingerama, Holy Molé, Razzle Dazzle, Simply Dark, Toasted Hazelnut and Zesty Orange; Szechuan Salt, and Grizzly Bar (custom fundraiser label)

Denman Island Chocolate brand cocomilk bars including: Cashew Cherry, Coconut Squared, Quinoa Chai

Denman Island Chocolate brand chocolate shapes including: Baby Bunny, Baby Bunny 3 pack, Big Bunny, Christmas in Rio, Ginger Buddha, Heart, Minty Frog, Pumpkin, Santa, and Smiling Buddha.

Denman Island Chocolate brand bars for the Bateman Gallery including: Dark chocolate and Dark chocolate with hazelnuts.